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a feel-good
supply chain

As well as caring about you (and your hair), we care about the planet and contributing to a more sustainable and regenerative way of existing upon it.

Our products have been developed in a way that feels good at every step of the supply chain.

We don’t just want to be “not-bad” we want our creations to be a force for good.

making beauty
out of waste

With all things “stuff” we need to think about a product’s death before it’s even born.

In other words - how can we make our hair-shake-up dreams a reality without any ick, guilt or hectic chemicals involved? If you’re interested, watch this for an intro to circular economy principles.

The answer for us was using a by-product of subsistence farming (feathers), diverting them from the landfill and giving them new value through a creative process.

empowering women

We use this waste-transformation process as an opportunity to work with women’s collectives that provide well paid, flexible work to Indonesian mothers.

Our products are hand made by 19 women, all employed with consistent work, who love what they do. This provides financial independence and the ability to work from home, eliminating the need for childcare.

As EDEN grows, so too will the number of communities uplifted through female economic empowerment.

all thanks to

And all this goodness happens thanks to the joyous experience of a wicked, new hair do!  

So as you go forth- boldly, brightly and unabashedly- you can know that the magic dust of your new hair do is doing more than making just you smile. (So there is absolutely no need for a break up to justify this one!)