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Lisbon light

Blonde base colour with multi colour accents; magenta, purple, orange, aqua and true blue. Inspired by the pastel-washed, tile-lined streets of a city dripping in boudenvillia; to be worn wherever you please.

€ 240 

  • Model wears long, clip-in, spicy.
  • Unisex.
  • Limited production runs of 500 strands.
  • Designed in Portugal.
  • Nano-bead orders include free installation kit

Which look is best for me?

Each look is a different number of strands, which determines the intensity of the look. Check out our look guide for a breakdown by hair type.

What length should I get?

All packs are available in long (~55cm) and short (~27cm) length. It is better to buy slightly too long than too short - you can trim off the last bunch or two from the bottom of the strand, but you can’t add length. Check out our length guide for more help.

What are nano-beads?

Small (2mm) silicone lined beads that we use to attach the feather strands into hair semi-permanently. This attachment needs no daily attention - you can live, swim, sleep and wash your hair as normal… just with spicy hair in tow.  Check out our attachment guide for more.

Are the feathers ethical?

They are made from ethically sourced feathers; supporting local subsistence farmers and making beauty out of by-products that would otherwise be wasted. They are handcrafted by women’s collectives in Indonesia. The creation process empowers mothers with well paid, flexible work. Read more on our story.


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