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Are EDEN kits meant to be used at home or at the salon?

We have designed the whole process to be super simple so that you can install your feather extensions at home with the help of a friend. Of course you can also take the extensions into your hair salon if you prefer, but it’s not necessary. See more on the installation process → 

Can I put EDEN extensions into my own hair single-handedly? 

With clip-in attachment, yes. With nano-bead attachment, not recommended - while it is possible, it is very tricky so unless you are very experienced and comfortable with self-installing extensions we suggest asking a friend to help. You can ofcourse nano-bead your feathers into your own wigs or remy hair extensions. See more on the installation process → 

How long are the strands?

All packs are available in long (~55cm) and short (~27cm) length. We recommend buying too long than too short, as you can trim bunches off the strands to get your perfect length, but you can’t add length to strands that are too short. See more on what length is best for you → 

Can I attach the feathers into my wig or hair extensions?

Yes. Both the nano-bead method and clip-ins can be used to attach feathers to natural hair, hair extensions and wigs. 

Can I wash my hair and swim with them? 

Yes. Feather extensions are natural fibres so you can treat them exactly like hair - wash them with shampoo and conditioner and wet and dry them just like hair. See more on caring for your EDEN feathers → 

Will this work in my hair type?

If you are unsure what look, length and attachment would suit you best then arrange a (free) video consultation with us to get a recco based on your vibe and hair type. Book now → 

How long do the feathers last?

This depends how much they are worn; clip-ins can look fresh for years if they are worn occasionally and removed before sleeping. If the feathers are attached permanently with nano-beads you can expect around 12 weeks of continuous wear (two rounds of 6 weeks) from each pack, but this can be longer or shorter depending on how you care for the feathers and the intensity of the lifestyle you live.  See more on attachment styles → 

What attachment is best for me? 

If you want the feather extensions to become a part of your hair so a wake-and-shake is all your hair needs, then the nano-beads are for you. This secure and permanent (but removable) attachment needs no daily attention - you can live, swim, sleep and wash your hair as normal… just with spicy hair in tow. 
If you like to mix and match your looks - maybe you lead a double-life, maybe you have multiple wigs you want to rotate your feathers through - clip-ins are for you! They are super strong and small and make for a very easy and quick installation process. See more on attachment styles →

Where are the feathers sold?

Right now EDEN is available exclusively online via this store. We are planning a series of pop-ups IRL with exclusive colourways and designs, so subscribe to our emails or follow us @edenfeathers to stay in the loop. If you would like to collaborate for an event at your store or salon, drop us a message at hello@edenfeathers.com 

Are your products sustainable and ethical?

In everything we do we strive to be as ethical and sustainable as we possibly can. We support rural subsistence farmers by creating economic opportunity (and beauty) out of by-product feathers that would otherwise be wasted.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we are working with our suppliers to implement a zero single-plastic use policy in all aspects of the business. As we grow, it is extremely important to us that our environmental consciousness grows with it. We know we aren’t perfect, but we are always looking to improve and so we would love to hear any tips or sustainability suggestions. If you have any, please email hello@edenfeathers.com

Can I return / exchange my order?

Yes, if you change your mind you can return or exchange within 15 days. For hygiene reasons, purchases may only be returned if they are unused in original, unopened packaging. Earrings are not eligible for return.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer free EU delivery for all orders over €150. We ship internationally via courier. See more →

What currency can I pay in?

Our website shows all prices in EUR (€), but you can pay using 135+ currencies at check out as we use Stripe (the biggest and most secure payment processing platform).