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How to install with nano-beads



Centre part your hair with chopstick and section clip away one side.


Use your chopstick to make a second parting from the front of the hairline ~5cm above the top of the ear round to the back of the head, at a slightly upward angle.


Take your threader and feed the wire loop through some nano beads, pushing them to the bottom of the loop.


Hold your feather strand up to the parting line to test the length. Play with removing whole bunches for big adjustments.

(Top tip: you can make micro adjustments by changing how close to the top bunch of feathers you clamp the bead)


If neither of these achieve the perfect placement, you can move the parting line up or down slightly to make the strands sit better in your hair length.


Make a mental plan of your feather placement. We install in two ‘sides’ so divide your strands in half and set one half aside.  The diagrams  show suggested positioning, or you can freestyle according to your own layers.

(Note: If you have especially long hair and want them to show beyond the tips, install them lower on the head to maximise length.)

Eden feathers attachment map on Subtle look


1 - 2 strands per side

Eden feathers attachment map on Spicy look


6 strands per side

Eden feathers attachment map on Full look


10 strands per side



Gather a small section of hair. This amount of ‘scalp surface area’ will vary depending on hair thickness and texture.


Make the section as circlular as possible. Clear away any fly away stray hairs.


Twist the section of hair and feed through the wire loop close to the scalp. Pull the section of hair all the way through.


Take one bead and push it off the wire loop onto the hair.

(Top tip: hair should ‘just’ makes it through the bead. Too thick and it will not pass through threader, too thin and it will feed through without any resistance. You want some resistance to know there is enough hair inside for the bead to have a durable grip.)


Push the bead towards the scalp while pulling the threader down to bring the hair fully through the bead. Do this close to the root to avoid backcomb effect.

(Top tip: keep your finger beneath the bead so it does not slide down or off the hair.)


Move the bead to the root and clamp your fingers around the strand of hair beneath the bead to hold in place.


Take the feather strand and thread it through the bead.

(Top tip: using your index finger, push the bead from behind to create a gap between the hair and the bead. If the thread is frayed, snip off the top to get a clean cut end.)


Make micro adjustments to the length of the strand by moving the thread further through the bead. Find the placement where the feather falls at the perfect length.


Pinch the hair and feather strand between finger and thumb at the first bunch below the bead.


Use your pliers to move the bead  close to the root, paying attention not to lose the bead off the top of the thread.


Squeeze the bead firmly shut with pliers.


Repeat from a few angles until the bead is flat and holding securely.


Test by pulling gently on the thread of the feather strand; you should feel the tension on your hair at the scalp. If the bead slides you can either squeeze once more to shut properly or you may need to remove the bead and start again. This happens most often when there is not enough hair for the bead to grip onto - try again with more hair.


Trim any ‘tail’ of thread sticking out the top of the bead.


Trim any excess bunches off the bottom of the strand if necessary.


Repeat these steps, attaching your strands throughout the hair. Refer to the placement map for recommended positioning, or freestyle according to your own layers.


Once you have installed the first half, let down the section clips. Part and section to show the other side of your hair, ready to repeat the process with the second half of the pack.


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