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How to care for Eden Feathers

The more care you give your feathers, the longer they will look fresh!

Feather extensions are natural fibres so you can treat them like hair - wash them with shampoo and conditioner, swim with them, tie them up, let them down - the world is your oyster.


Oil makes the feathers go limp, flat and lifeless so avoid using oil-based leave in conditioner in order to have plump feathers. This will not damage the feathers, after a wash with shampoo they will perk back up to fullness.

Washing your hair will reset your feathers back to their natural shape if they have taken on a wonky shape while drying tied up in a ponytail for example.

Salt water fades the feather colours (like  it fades anything and everything!)  to more pastel shades… but we like the effect.

Bag straps can pull out your feathers so keep strands out of the way to avoid damage.

Fine toothed brushes & combs can catch strands and pull them out, so use something with wide teeth. Tangle teezers are great.

Straightener plates can get scratched by the  beads along the feather strand so make sure to pull them aside before straightening.


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